Wedding traditions are beautiful, but it doesn’t hurt to add a modern touch. The latest hit is a wedding ring tattoo, which replaces traditional jewelry. Is it a smart move, and what are its advantages and drawbacks? That’s what we are trying to discover in our detailed guide below!

Are Wedding Ring Tattoos a Good Idea?

Marrying someone is a way to celebrate your love and announce your hope to be together forever to the world. But if you love your partner, is there a need to purchase something expensive like a wedding ring? Whether you go with gold or diamond, this jewelry is expensive. A wedding ring tattoo is a modern and more affordable replacement. Not only will you look cool, but you’ll save the money for something better, such as a honeymoon from your dreams!

The Pros of Getting a Wedding Ring Tattoo

It’s important the wedding ring tattoo looks good, which is why you should stick to the best tattoo shops in Ireland like tattoo artists in Dublin. If you are still having second thoughts about visiting an artist, check out these advantages of going through with it!

They Are Cheaper

According to reports, Americans spend over $5.8K on wedding rings. That’s the average amount, but it can get much higher if your partner has specific requests. Wedding ring tattoos are a much more affordable option. Even if you pick a top artist, it’s still small-sized body art. It shouldn’t cost you over $1K, although many artists are ready to do it for $300 or less.

Pro tip: Since tattoos are a much cheaper option than wedding rings, don’t hesitate to spend a bit more on them. A premium artist and shop will ensure everything looks perfect and the process goes smoothly.

They Are Different

Although they are getting more popular, wedding ring tattoos still aren’t that common. That means you will be unique compared to the others. For many people, that’s crucial, and it’s the main motivation behind getting this tattoo.

Did you know that Pamela Anderson might have been the first celebrity to go with this concept? In 1995, she tattooed “Tommy” on her ring finger instead of wearing any jewelry after marrying Tommy Lee. David Beckham did a wedding ring tattoo in 2015, and Dax Shepard got a bell on his ring finger after marrying Kristen Bell.

You Don’t Have to Wear Jewelry

Here are some reasons why you might not like the idea of wearing a wedding ring:

  • You don’t like jewelry at all or hate wearing rings of any kind
  • It seems unnecessary to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry
  • You develop allergies to different materials present in wedding rings

If you have any reason why you don’t fancy jewelry, you’ll appreciate wedding ring tattoos as an alternative.

No Chance of Losing the Ring

How many times did it happen to lose earrings, bracelets, or rings? If that scenario is familiar, then you would be at risk of losing your wedding ring, too. You might believe that you’ll take special care of it, but if you are forgetful, it only takes a moment to lose it. But a tattoo goes wherever you go, and there’s no chance of forgetting it somewhere. That gives you peace of mind, which is another reason why this is a smart investment.

The Cons of Getting a Wedding Ring Tattoo

There are many reasons why wedding ring tattoos are a smart move. But each decision has pros and cons, so let’s check the downsides of it!

Job Opportunities

We won’t lie – any tattoo might be a problem with jobs in certain niches. As a finger tattoo, your wedding ring piece will be visible at most times. Unfortunately, people still tend to have prejudices about people with tattoos. For example, it might cause you problems if applying for a job in a bank. Managers prefer to hire someone without (visible) tattoos than risk uncomfortable situations with clients.


You might believe your love is eternal when you marry. But according to National Marriage Divorce rates, almost three marriages out of 1,000 ended with a divorce. You can never claim your marriage won’t be among those. The problem is a wedding tattoo is permanent and you might be stuck with it after your divorce. The good news is a skilled artist can help you restyle it into something different.

They Fade

A wedding ring tattoo is permanent, but it fades over time. These are particularly vulnerable since you often exhibit them to sunshine, sweat, water, etc. Additionally, finger skin is thinner than on other body sections, so it also accelerates fading. Fortunately, you can always schedule an appointment to freshen up the tattoo.

Some Families Might Not Approve

Your or your partner’s family might be particularly traditional. It’s why you could meet disapproval when you reveal your decision about getting a wedding ring tattoo. Fortunately, most families will only advise you against it, but let you decide. The important thing is that this tattoo shouldn’t be an important issue regarding family relationships and your marriage.

Find an Artist Who Specializes in What You Want

If you are planning to get a tattoo, you need a skilled artist. Whether looking for a tattoo shop in Honolulu or any other location, you need a stylist with experience in doing wedding ring tattoos. You could ask them to show you a few examples of their work. It will ensure your styles match and is an indicator the artist specializes in what you want. Don’t rush with finding a great stylist since a wedding tattoo is a long-term investment, and you need it to look perfect.